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Private Eye Promotions is a professional multi-media & production business that focuses on creating high quality content, mentoring and leading those interested in working in the entertainment industry, and sharing awesome memories together.



Private Eye began in early 2017 in Arizona as a professional photography business until one fateful day some new friends playing a concert asked if we also film music videos. We have never once filmed something so complex, nor did we ever film before, but said we could just give it a shot and see what happens.

Little did we know that this would be what created this new found spark of creativity and helped us grow to providing professional videography and video editing services for musicians, festivals, and concerts. From here we traveled from city to city filming and highlighting some of the craziest music events and working with some of the greatest musicians and people.

 Now, we are building up to be one of the top of the line multi-media business that cover the entire spectrum of the entertainment world from creating: Podcasts, Gaming content, animations, movies, tv shows, in house music videos, audio production, and that's just the beginning of what is to come!

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